*Plug-in Activation Instructions.
// Activation File *.ec

Prepare the activation file you received:
[Order ID]_xxx.ec

// Activating

Go to the Plug-in Panel > Menu > Activate… and browse your [Order ID]_xxx.ec file

plugin ui menu activate
plugin activation browse for entitlement certificate file

Plug-in prompts you to restart your Adobe® Illustrator® session in order to complete the activation process.

plugin activation restart request
// Successful Installation

After restart, go to the Plug-in Panel > Menu > About. The ‘Product Licensed…’ message should be displayed:

plugin ui menu about
plugin ui product licensed information

// Note
If you work with different versions of the Adobe® Illustrator® software: 16.0 (CS6), 17.0/17.1 (CC) or 18.0/18.1 (CC 2014), 32 or 64-bit you don’t need to perform separate activations on them!  It works globally. For example, you can activate your Plug-in under Adobe® Illustrator® 18.0 (CC 2014) and this will automatically apply activation file to the 16.0 (CS6) and 17.0/17.1 (CC) versions as well.

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