*Installing Adobe® Extensions. Standalone Mac OS X Installer
// Extensions

An extension is a piece of software that can be added to an Adobe® application to enhance its capabilities.

// About the Installer.app

Installer is an application included in OS X that extracts and installs files out of *.pkg/*.mpkg packages. Its purpose is to help software developers create uniform software installers.

// Before you start

Please make sure that you have removed all previous versions of the extension. Remove the following folders:

/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/Plug-ins/ObliqueProjection
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/Plug-ins/com.63mutants.ObliqueProjection
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3/Plug-ins/ObliqueProjection
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3/Plug-ins/com.63mutants.ObliqueProjection
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/ObliqueProjection
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/com.63mutants.ObliqueProjection

// Installation

Make sure that the Adobe® Illustrator® application is not running. Double click on the downloaded *.dmg file and follow the onscreen instructions:

dmg unpack source file

The following window should appear:

dmg unpack devices

Now, double click on the *.pkg/*.mpkg file. Note: A warning message may appear that you are trying to install an application from an unidentified developer. Like this:

pkg from unknown developer message

If so, hit OK to close the window. Go back to the *.pkg/*.mpkg file, right-click on it and choose Open With > Installer.app:

pkg open with istaller.app

The warning massage pops up again but now you can choose to open the file. Hit Open:

pkg from unknown developer allow installation

The Welcome Screen should appear:

Installer.app Welcom Screen

Hit Continue and select Destination. This should be the Drive where you have your Adobe® Illustrator® application Installed. By default it is Macintosh HD:

Installer.app Select Destination

Select Continue:

Installer.app Installation Type

And Install. The installer asks you for password to allow to install this new software:

Installer.app Administrator rights
Installer.app Sucecssful Installation

The installation was successful. Hit Close. You can now Eject the plug-in drive:

dmg unpack Eject Disc

Your Plug-In has been installed. You can now launch the Adobe® Illustrator® > go to Window > Extension. Your tool is there!

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