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// PayPal™

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// Your Shopping Cart
The Shopping Cart Form gives you a brief summary of your order:

PayPal Your Shopping Cart Summary

// Choose a way to pay
Once your order is completed, go to ‘View Cart’ to display the Shopping Cart Summary Form. Next, hit the ‘Check Out’ button to choose the form of payment.

// Option A: ‘Pay with my PayPal™ account’
This is the standard checkout. Just log-in to your PayPal™ account and follow the onscreen instructions.

PayPal Standard Checkout

// Option B: ‘Don’t have a PayPal™ account?’
Please note that it is NOT required to have a PayPal™ account to complete the payment – you can pay with your credit or debit card instead. Simply choose this option and follow the onscreen instructions.

PayPal pay with credit or debit card

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