*Doc Revealer Quick Start Guide (mac/win).
Doc Revealer features info

// Doc Revealer 1.0 - an Adobe® Illustrator® Plug-In (mac/win).
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Doc Revealer, an Adobe Illustrator Plug-In, is designed to automate the *.ai files/folders management. With this tool you can quickly locate the current *.ai project on your Hard Drive, reveal it in Bridge®/Explorer/Finder or open one of the Adobe® Illustrator® special folders, such as Plug-ins, Presets, Preferences or Common.

// Reveal the *.ai Document in Bridge®/Finder/Explorer
With any open document, go to Doc Revealer Tool and click on Reveal In Adobe® Bridge® or Reveal In Finder (mac users)/ Explorer (win users). This will open the folder that contains the file in Bridge®/Finder/Explorer. This is a great way to locate your files on your hard drive!

// Reveal Adobe® Illustrator® Special Folders
There are some Special Adobe® Illustrator® Folders present in your system in which the Application stores options regarding how you want Illustrator® to work, including those for plug-ins collection, templates, actions, display, tools, ruler units, exporting information and many many more:

Plug-ins. Plug-in modules are software programs that add features to Adobe® Illustrator®. A number of special effects plug-ins come with your program and are automatically installed in the Plug-ins folder inside the Illustrator® folder. You can install any commercial plug-in designed for use with Illustrator®. To install a third-party plug-in module, use the installer if one is provided. Otherwise, drag a copy of the module to the Plug-ins folder inside the Illustrator® folder. Then restart Illustrator® for the plug-in to take effect.

Presets. Presets are collections of items and values that are applied to artwork, and that can be saved, loaded, or replaced at any time. Brushes, Keyboard Shortcuts, Scripts or Actions are just examples.

Doc Revealer features Reveal Special Folder: Presets

Preferences. The Illustrator® preferences folder manages the commands and panel settings in Illustrator® . When you open Illustrator® , the positioning of panels and commands are stored in the Illustrator® preferences file. If you want to restore the default settings for Illustrator® or change the current settings, delete the Illustrator® preferences. Illustrator® automatically creates a preference file, when you restart Illustrator® and save a file. More info available here ›

Common Files. Adobe® Common Files collection, such as Fonts, Startup Scripts or Plug-ins. Generally this is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe

// Key Features overview

Doc Revealer features info graphic

// Mac Users Take a Note
Even though the Reveal In Finder command is originally implemented in your Adobe® Illustrator® installation, you cannot use it when working with floating windows (Application Frame option set to off):

Application Frame Option Off

// User Interface
Doc Revealer displays the path file name information in very useful form: a) it lists the file name along with its extension; b) the parent folder full path; c) and finally the file full path. This way you can easily copy the information you need – whether this is only the file name or its whole path:

doc revealer user interface UI

// Reveal in Finder/Explorer
Click on Finder/Explorer button to locate your file on the hard drive.

reveal in finder
reveal in explorer

// Reveal in Adobe® Bridge®
Click on Bridge button to reveal your file in Adobe® Bridge®

reveal in Bridge mac
reveal in Bridge win

// Reveal Special Folder: Plug-ins
Click on Plug-ins button to show the collection of Plug-in modules available for your Adobe® Illustrator® installation:

Adobe Illustrator Special Folder: Plug-Ins

// Reveal Special Folder: Presets
Click on Presets button to show the Adobe® Illustrator® Presets collection: Brushes, Keyboard Shortcuts, Scripts or Actions are just examples:

Adobe Illustrator Special Folder: Presets

// Reveal Special Folder: Preferences
Click on Preferences button to show the Illustrator® preferences folder:

Adobe Illustrator Special Folder: Preferences

// Reveal Special Folder: Common Files
Click on Common button to show the Adobe® Common Files collection. Generally this is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe

Adobe Illustrator Special Folder: Common Files

// Installing Extension
Please visit our online Knowledge Base section to learn more about plug-in installation process. A short guides on how to install extensions for Adobe® Illustrator® are available here:
A) Ai CS6, CC and CC2014.1, Windows and Mac OS X;
B) Ai CC2015, Windows, Mac OS X.

// Launching Extension
Launch Adobe® Illustrator®. Go to Window > Extensions > Doc Revealer or Window > @63mutants > Doc Revealer

Launching docRevealer: Extensions
Launching docRevealer: subdirectory

The following icon is added to the Adobe® Illustrator® user interface

doc revealer icon added

Doc Revealer automatically checks if new version is available. If so, the red dot icon is displayed.

doc revealer user interface: busy indicator
doc revealer user interface: version information

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