*Terms of Use.

// Introduction
Terms of use (license) for downloadable freebie files (the Freebies), defined as original source files that are offered free for download from www.63mutants.com (the Website). These usage terms are aimed to provide individuals who would like to use the freebies in their work (COMMERCIAL OR OTHERWISE) with a liberal use agreement, but prevent individuals to profit, redistribute, and claim ownership of the downloadable freebie files (modified or unmodified)

// Usage Terms
•You MAY NOT sell or redistribute the freebies in any way shape or form unmodified or modified

•You MAY use them within the body of your work for ANY PURPOSE, COMMERCIAL, FOR-PROFIT OR OTHERWISE

•You MAY NOT directly link to the downloadable freebie files; YOU MUST link to the web page of the downloadable freebie files

•You are encouraged to give attribution to the downloadable freebie files by linking to the downloadable freebie files’ web pages